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The Forex is the largest market in the world in volume of transactions. In the past, trade in currencies was reserved exclusively for the banks. Recently, the market has been opened to small investors thanks to computers and the Internet.

Once you begin to learn Forex trading training you will soon notice that the best way to find a stop loss placement for your trading style is with back testing. Once you decide on a trading strategy, have a look back at months of data to see how the strategy has worked. You will certainly see examples of price reaching a stop loss level after which it bounced back into your direction. Once you find an appropriate stop loss level, simply add a few pips onto it to give your price room to move in the future. Once your stop loss level is confirmed, test it on a demo account and after ten or so trades you will have a good idea on whether it is working or not. If not, simply give it more room by adding a few pips onto it or go back to view similar, historical trades to see if you need to re-think the whole stop-loss concept.

There are some similarities with another well known indicator, the Stochastic, (which can be used both as a trend indicator or an overbought/oversold measure), but the Williams %R does not have any smoothing (or fast and slow lines if you like)

Why are there so many so called profitable automatic Forex trading systems out there, but so few people actually making money from them? Well, many people blame the developers of Forex robot traders, and yes, they must shoulder some of the blame. However, bear in mind that these developers are mostly interested in marketing and selling as many automatic Forex trading systems as possible, and they don't earn their money from educating you on the ins and outs of Forex automatic trading.

Ecn forex is a key concept in retail forex trading but many small traders are not aware of its importance .ECN stands for Electronic Communications Network.Ecn forex brokers provide a gateway to multiple liquidity providers feeding their prices via a trading platform to traders around the world. However before explaining ecn forex it is essential to give a brief overview on the operations of a dealing desk.

These are Forex programmes and robots that function on top of Meta Trading platforms that use complex algorithms to makes sense of the market, crunch numbers in an insane amount and signal to you trades that have the potential to make you some serious money. Online Forex trading requires these steps, especially if you are a new trader to the game. You need all the help that you can get to start making a decent amount of money on the paper trade. With this, you will be able to manoeuvre your way around the market and reduce your profile for risk to snipe at you. Of course, luck does play a small role when it comes to trading, but this is unlike gambling. The currency market can hold rewards and it can hold disaster. You need all the help you can get to avoid the storm and come out on the sunny side of the hill, smiling and a little richer.